I'm an experienced

UX Designer


UX Researcher

Relentless problem solver, collaborator, mentor and generally happy person

UX Design & UX Strategy

I work with users, product owners, business analysts, developers, QA, and other UX colleagues on agile development teams. I help translate complex user needs and business strategies into simple and effective user experiences using User Centered Design principles. I communicate the User Experience strategy to ensure we are all heading towards the correct goals.

  •   UX vision & strategy
  •   User flows
  •   User stories
  •   Wireframes & sketching
  •   Interaction design
  •   Agile development & Jira

User Research

I love to hear from our users and customers! I plan, recruit, schedule, and execute remote and in-person user studies. I conduct explorative research to help generate ideas and conduct evaluative research to validate our assumptions and concepts. I have experience with many different kinds of research: surveys, focus groups, workshops, usability testing, interviews, and observations.

  •   Personas and user profiles
  •   Workflow analysis
  •   User journey maps
  •   1:1 Usability testing
  •   Remote unmoderated studies
  •   Prototyping
  •   Surveys


Bringing ideas and concepts to life is the most exciting part of my job. My tools of choice depend on the fidelity of the prototype, team skills, timing of the project, type of testing being done, frameworks being used, and the phase of research. I build prototypes and proof of concepts of varying fidelity for both UX Design and User Research. These are just some of the tools I've used:

  •   Axure (most used)
  •   Figma
  •   Framer
  •   CSS/HTML
  •   Loop11 and Optimal Workshop


my photo

Hello, I'm Christie

I am a UX Designer and User Researcher living in Ohio. I have degrees in Computer Science and Human Factors, and I've been designing and crafting web applications for over 14 years.

I feel very fortunate to be able to work with people who are not only passionate about design and development, but also passionate about the mission of the organization. I love working with good people, for a good cause, and with purpose.

I primarily work on teams that create complex web applications, but I also build and manage simple content-based sites, WordPress sites, and online retail stores.

Aside from all of the above, fitness and staying healthy inside and out is a great passion of mine. This is how I keep my soul happy in this wonderful crazy life. I am also fascinated with antiques and appreciate superior craftsmanship, originality and uniqueness in something as simple as a piece of furniture.

Find me on linkedin if you'd like to connect, and thanks for stopping to take a look!