Christie Heitkamp

The nitty-gritty project details of ILR

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OCLC Link Resolver

UX Design Lead for a product that helps students discover and access their library's electronic collections. This product is currently still in beta with some of our customers.

integrated link resolution design

The details

At OCLC, I was the UX design lead for the Integrated Link Resolution project. The product taps into the extensive WorldCat Knowledge Base and helps library patrons discover and access full text journal articles, ebooks, and other electronic resources from their library, no matter where they are searching. The new product is responsive and built on the Zurb Foundation framework. A completely new UI is being designed to make the link resolution product look and feel like other OCLC discovery tools.

The solution

One of the biggest challenges in resolving full text is getting a complete or correct citation. The existing link resolver product does not gracefully degrade when a user submits an incomplete citation. The vision for the OCLC link resolver is to use the extensive WorldCat bibliographic catalog to help users discover the article they are looking for when the link resolver gets an incomplete citation.

User experience design for this project

1. Define and create personas

2. Create the big picture

3. Create wireframes using Axure

4. Test the experience