Christie Heitkamp

My current project, in a nutshell

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Indiana University UITS

Principal UX Designer for the staff, faculty, and student facing applications for Academic Advising.

Advising Home Page Project

I'm currently a UX designer on an agile development team that develops and maintains the online tools used by Academic Advisors as well as advising tools that students use to plan, register, and ultimately graduate.

I've been telecommuting and working from my home office in Ohio for over three years, and my team is distributed throughout Indiana, Ohio, and India.

I'm currently working on:

  • UX Design for an appointment scheduling tool for advisors
  • UX Design for Microsoft Outlook integration
  • UX enhancements to a scheduling tool for students
  • Collaborating on a division-wide effort to create a design system for UITS

User experience design in IU Academic Advising

These are actual screenshots of work products that I delivered, however to protect student and faculty information, resolution is kept to a minimum.

User research, usability testing, contextual inquiry

Documenting user journeys and workflows

Sketching, ideation, storyboarding

Low and high fidelity wireframes using Axure and other tools

Validate, communicate, refine, and iterate with the team

Usability test early and often