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UX Strategy & App Design
Helping trainers stay connected with their clients

Keeping clients engaged during a pandemic

A local fitness studio, Zone Personal Fitness, needed help to materialize a UX strategy to keep their clients engaged in their fitness program offered through the studio during COVID-19. The result of the UX research is a vision that supports highly personalized in-person training, hybrid programmed workouts, and completely virtual programs that can all be completed at the studio for a reduced training cost. This allows trainers to keep the personalized training programs while also keeping the training costs affordable for clients. The key differentiator with this stragety versus the thousands of online programs is that it allows for in-person training plus a studio membership giving clients 24x7 access to the entire facility to complete workouts that their trainers send to them.

The original whiteboards

After observing trainers and clients at the studio, it became clear that the whiteboard workouts have become a keystone of the culture at Zone Personal Fitness studio. Whiteboards can be found around the facility and used by multiple trainers to provide bootcamp type workouts for their clients.

When fitness facilities closed due to COVID-19, the trainers wanted a way to keep their clients connected to the workouts even when they weren't coming to the gym. This would encourage client retention and also help keep  clients healthy during the pandemic.

The concept created for the fitness studio draws on these whiteboard workouts and makes them available digitally to clients anywhere and also allows some 'on your own' workouts and group workouts to keep training plans affordable.

Hybrid and virtual programs to support the new business model

Thousands of virtual and online coaching fitness programs are being marketed to potential clients. We evaluated the market and decided the best focal point for the studio is highly personalized training, developing programs tailored specifically for the client and the client's goals. With this objective in mind, a Hybrid program concept was created where clients could train in-person and also be sent whiteboard workouts to complete on their own at the studio, making a more affordable training option without reducing the personalization aspect. Eventually, the owner wants a way to move long-term group clients who are familiar with the studio and his workouts to a fully virtual program where he can send or post workout boards and the groups complete them on their own at the studio for a reduced training price.

Introduce on-demand workouts

As an add-on, a library of on-demand follow along workouts will be available for clients who need an extra workout to complete their week without having to subscribe to an alternative streaming service.

Digitize whiteboards

Digitizing the whiteboard was essential to making this business model work so that workouts could be sent to clients anywhere or displayed digitally on the screens at the studio while still having the same personal experience of being in the gym with their trainer's handwritten program. Even in digital form, each these workouts are made specifically for the client, personalized for their goals and their available equipment. These whiteboards are sent to clients daily or posted on whiteboard screens at the studio.

The next iteration of the concept will include user research to determine the optimal ways in which clients will access and save their BOD workouts and whether we will need to find or build an application to deliver it.