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UX at GlobalNOC

UX Consulting for Global Research Network Operations Center

About GlobalNOC

The Global Research Network Operations Center (GlobalNOC) at Indiana University provides state of the art operations, tools, and network expertise, while placing a focus on satisfying the unique needs of the research and education community. The GlobalNOC's staff members work to ensure the reliability, performance, and advanced capabilities for more than 20 projects, while also building and maintaining one of the most advanced research networks in the world.

UX Work Completed

Heuristic Review
Contextual Inquiry/Observations
Persona Creation
User Story CreationWireframes (Axure)
CSS/HTML/Javascript mockups

My Role




Tools Used


UX Consulting Work

PerfSONAR UX Design

perfSONAR is a deployed network monitoring tool that is used by research and education networks around the world. perfSONAR collects and displays network heath information by allowing administrators to configure and automate tests between network nodes. The result is an enormous amount of data that needs to be visualized and easily consumed by the end users.

The perfSONAR project involved a complete redesign of the entire product. I worked closely with the product owner to understand the complexity of the application and how people use it to do their jobs. We created numerous user stories to kick off the redesign, and based on those stories, I created wireframes using Axure. I worked closely with a UX developer and the product owner to collaborate on the redesign. The redesign was completed in iterations, and the feedback from the community of users has been overwhelmingly positive. There are several instances of perfSONAR that are up and running through institutions that have deployed the software.

NOAA Portal Heuristic Review

NOAA Portal utilizes the integration of NOAA weather data with globalNOC tools to monitor NOAA network health and performance. Due to time constraints, I simply conducted a heuristic review of the existing application and provided a set of recommendations with Axure wireframes to improve the user experience based on best practices for accessibility and UX design.

Alertmon Observations

Alertmon is an alarm monitoring tool that the Systems Engineers use to monitor the health of the globalNOC networks. For this project, I conducted remote observations of the service desk technicians while they monitored and addressed real-time network alarms and client concerns. These remote studies were conducted using video conferencing and screen sharing software and allowed me to observe the technicians in their daily work environment.

After completing the study, I conducted analysis and documented the users' workflows and pain points. To complete the research, I delivered a concise set of user experience recommendations and enhancements to the team.