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Digital Content Discovery

Lead UX helping library patrons discover subscribed digital content

About ILR at OCLC

OCLC's Integrated Link Resolver helps students discover and access their library's digital collections. The product taps into the extensive WorldCat Knowledge Base and helps library patrons discover and access full text journal articles, ebooks, videos, and other electronic resources from their library no matter where they are searching. The new product is responsive and built on the Zurb Foundation framework.

UX Work Completed

I was the UX design lead for the Integrated Link Resolution project. A completely new UI was designed to make the link resolution product look and feel like other OCLC discovery tools.

My Role

UX Research & Design



Tools Used


User Experience Research & Design for ILR

Identify and understand the users

Personas were created to represent library patrons for public and academic libraries based on demographic information provided by partner libraries. These personas were used to help inform our design decisions throughout development.

Workflow analysis

We documented a 'big picture' to represent how a library patron will search and discover content using ILR and the extensive WorldCat library catalog. This was gathered by analysis of existing systems and interviews with library patrons and librarians. This document was used to gain an understanding of the users' journey discovering and accessing digital subscribed content.

Wireframe creation

Low fidelity concepts and wireframes were created in order to begin visualizing the discovery process for ILR. We used these wireframes to produce a protytpe that we tested extensively with users to validate our concepts.

Design & development iterations

Once concepts were validated, we provided a library branded experience to seamlessly fit into a library catalog. We worked closely with developers in an agile environment to iterate and delivery the final product.