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Nationwide Auto Quote Redesign

UX Research & Design for online auto quote

About the project

Nationwide stakeholders wanted us to build a new online quote and bind concept for auto insurance that was vastly different than the existing online application. The leadership hired the IBM Innovation Lab to work with our UX teams to deliver a gamified experience for the auto insurance quote. The goal of this project was to determine if we could provide enough decision making information to users so that they could obtain correct coverages for vehicles and drivers and purchase insurance online.

UX Work Completed

User Research

My Role

UX Research & Design


Nationwide Insurance

Tools Used

Adobe Illustrator

UX Research & Design for Nationwide

Identify and understand the users

Our teams created personas to represent the users based on focus groups that were conducted through a third party research organization. We used these personas to guide our interactions and our direction. Based on the personas, we focused on decision making and gamified interactions to help users make important decisions about their insurance. This included animated demonstrations of different types of scenarios and what kind of coverage was needed.

Initial concepts

Our concepts were created using Illustrator to completely simplify the auto quote process and to help guide users through a complex process. In this step, I participated in concept and design workshops.

Wireframe creation

Our teams created low and high fidelity wireframes that were eventually handed off to an offshore development team with extensive documentation.

The entire experience designed

We considered the entire user experience, including the confirmation and summary pages the user would receive after they obtained their auto quote and after they purchased their policy.

A large part of this step included the integration of direct auto quote (online) with brick and mortar agencies. This included seamlessly connecting a user to an agent if they dropped off and allowing the agent to pick up where the user left off online.